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Used Stepper: 17HM19-2004S

Driver Voltage: 37V

Driver: TMC2130

Max RPM reached with the motor, unloaded: 3600RPM This is the limit of the driver. It runs from the internal oscillator at 12.1MHz. Measure by giving a 9.765MHz pulse and read out register TSTEP as 0x277 (DEDGE=true).

Driver Configuration:

spi(0xec, 0x200100c3, &status);
spi(0x90, 0x00061c02, &status);
spi(0x91, 0x0000000a, &status);
spi(0x80, 0x00003144, &status);
spi(0x93, 0x000001f4, &status);
spi(0xf0, 0x000401c8, &status);

For very slow step rates stealthChop was disabled

Load Testing at 1/256 microstepping. Testing done lifting a weight by winding a rope on a cylinder with effective radius of 16.5mm.

9.5kHz 2250g
19.5kHz 2150g 
39kHz 2240g
58.5kHz 2220g
78kHz 2240g
97.5kHz 2230g
117kHz 2230g
137kHz 2130g
156kHz 2150g
195kHz 2030g 
234kHz 2050g
312kHz 2030g
468kHz 1700g
624kHz 1300g
936kHz 740g
1092kHz 556g
1400kHz 250g
1700kHz 150g

Official torque curve of the motor:

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